Cultural appropriation?

The topic of cultural appropriation is a very complicated one. Here in Southwest USA it is especially difficult to know what is correct. Native Americans are selling their art to make a living and tourists and locals buy their jewelry, etc. and are wearing it… isn’t that borderline? I have been inspired by faces and have used some from Edward Curtis’ photos, but I feel hesitant about doing that. So I have studied some viking art instead. I was born in Norway, my dad grew up just miles from where they found a huge viking ship with lots of treasures, believed to have been a burial site for an important woman. A lot of viking art is amazing; very intricate patterns, images and text. Some of their artists (carvers, etc.) were extremely skilled! I have allowed that art to inspire this painting. It is 27 x 92,5 cm, oil and gold leaf on plywood. I am not sure it is completely done yet and it needs a thin frame. And a title, maybe Woman from where¬†East and West meet…?