Can I live without success?

In preparing for my exhibition at the library gallery in Båstad, I asked myself this question. I even named one of my little pieces this, see below. In every part of what I do, I try to give of my very best, as I did this time too. I made some new works and I tried to present a range of work I am pleased with. The opening was on the first real summer day of the season, the local papers had not done what was expected of them and most people had other things to do, but a group of people came, most of them quite a bit older that Andrea and me. Those who came were enthusiastic, interested and I felt I was able to give them a pleasant experience. But nobody bought anything. “Good luck” some said as they were leaving. It is hard to put food on the table with “good luck”. So what is success? Maybe the main success is what I can learn through all these experiences, these meetings with people, all the lonely times in the studio or elsewhere, when these questions are pressing on?success?

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