Past and future pours

Last Friday we did a big pour! All walls and bond beams are poured. And today Jesús and Gabriel prepared the portal slab to be poured. Leaving Santa Fe tomorrow, sad to go, too much fun to build! It will be exciting to return though, to install the kitchen cabinets and build and paint all doors and drawer fronts.


Gabriel is pouring concrete into the walls, while Abram is holding the heavy hose, together with Eric hiding behind the wall. Dave Bodelson rushing up and down, giving a hand wherever needed.


A heavy Santa Fe monsoon rain cleared the air and cleaned away the dust. Ready for inspection and pour of the portal slab. When Gabriel and Jesús were leaving at six pm today, I said goodbye to them and thanked them for their responsible, good work. Then Jesús said “Muchas gracias por trabajo” (or something like that, pardon my Spanish)… very nice attitude! And I am thankful I could provide work for them.

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