Slow, but nevertheless progress

It seems like we have been moving along at a slow pace, but we are making progress and the next concrete pour is scheduled for Friday this week. Joe, fireplace builder, is here building the two fireplaces and chimneys. Meanwhile the walls are being completed, maybe we will also be able to pour the slab for the portal (patio under roof in Santa Fe lingo).


Joe is working on the chimney in the studio. Some people have asked if we are going to have an octagonal window, haha… no, it will be a traditional, “historic” window.


Today we will be able to clean up and remove the material that is not needed. The walls are complete, now we are tying in everything, getting ready to pour concrete inside the walls.


This is the fireplace for the portal, the “outside” room. Hopefully we will be bale to pour the slab here on Friday.

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