The graffiti wall which used to be a “landscape” painting

Back in 2014 I donated a 12 meter long painting to Höganäs Kommun to make a legal graffiti wall. After some hesitation they accepted the offer and the wall was erected and immediately became a success! This photo was from August 2014 when it had just been up for a couple of days. After the first mediocre graffiti it soon got covered with spray paint and my original painting was covered up. Check my blog posts from the summer of 2012 (June and July) to see how the painting was made and where it was placed in a beautiful landscape.


After some time a storm blew the entire wall over and destroyed it. By then the decision makers liked the idea so much that they erected a permanent concrete wall! A few days ago I stopped by to document it and these are the photos.




Next to the wall a local graffiti artist has built and painted this incredible snake!



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