20 September, 2010

I went to Art Copenhagen Saturday. 75 galleries from Denmark and Sweden, Finland Norway, Greenland, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands were showing too much art. After a few hours of looking at a lot of art of various quality, you feel like your head is going to explode. How do you pick out anything special in such a great selection? After a while some artists and some works remain in your mind. I always enjoy Michael Kvium, saw some nice works by Astrid Sylwan, saw a piece for sale by Olafur Eliason, priced at EUR 150.000 – probably a good investment for the brave?

Sunday I had to rest from art, so I spent some hours reading a new biography about Leo Castelli, ha ha. But it takes a while until the biography gets to his gallery career, as the book starts with his ancestors way back in the eighteenth century. Ambitious…

Today I have been back in the studio, pushing my painting a step further. I sanded the rocks at the bottom of the picture some more to make the wood grain come out more. Painted the sides black (cannot be seen in these photos) and then covered the green square with black, wiped a lot of paint off, then used the taping knife again to scrape off more paint.

Something is missing. Maybe I will come up with something tomorrow?

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