21 August, 2010

Matthias’ pocket art is finished. His son apparently recognized him immediately, which makes me happy. See the finished result after three layers of varnish.

Now I am getting ready for something really big. The pocket art piece is 75×62 mm only and now I am going to start on a painting which is going to be 2 x 2 meters, divided in four pieces, each one square meter.

It is going to be a painting of a group of young men…

Today I had a visit in the studio by a young and talented German artist and his adorable wife, Markus and Theresa Nass. Just a few snapshots out of his catalogue. For more, visit his website www.markusnass.com. He works with plexiglass, epoxy, and LED lighting. Very interesting work. Some of his pieces are very large, like 170 x 130 cm, etc.

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