25 May, 2010 – older stuff

Not much happening in the studio right now, so let me share some pictures of a painting I did in San Clemente, Southern California, during our vacation at Christmas/New Year. I had not brought any material, so we had to get everything I needed (brushes, paint, plywood, etc) and then I had to be creative in order to arrange a “studio”. An old wooden stepladder was made into an easel.I took a picture of our host, standing on the beach in the afternoon light, gazing at the ocean. I cropped the picture and made a painting size 2 x 4 ft. When the painting was done, I applied a thick coat of resin (which Wayne bought from a surf shop) on the entire surface. For some reason the resin seemed to react to the linseed oil and it created a very un-even surface, which made a cool effect. I called the painting Watching for the Wave, as Wayne is an avid surfer. We stayed for two weeks with Wayne and had a fantastic time. One evening, as I was taking photos of the breathtaking sunset,  I was able to catch the famous Green Flash! I had heard of it for more than 25 years, but never been able to see it. It was truly a flash – it was gone in a second.The photo is totally un-edited – it is exactly as the camera caught the sky and the sun!

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