30 May, 2010

Yesterday Andrea and I attended the opening at Höganäs Museum with silicone works by Mattias van Arkel and abstract paintings by Richard Ahlqvist – a very nice exhibition. We also went to Skärets Konsthall, for the opening of an exhibition with Britta Marakatt-Labba, a Sami artist who works with embroidered pictures from the Sami mythology and culture. Very interesting!

I have been busy in the studio, but mainly cleaning up and re-arranging stuff. I have bought some equipment and inventory from a man who has been doing a lot of framing, so now I almost have all that is needed to do professional framing. Nice.

A few days ago  Lars Vilks called and had finally seen the painting at Nimis. He was very pleased…

Finally I am back in the studio.A very subtle beginning – a thin outline of the most important features.

A quick layer with golden ochre, diluted with a lot of linseed oil. From now on I am trying to save the main lines.

The paint soaks in to the wood rather quickly and I can soon continue with another layer, this time green umber.

Immediately another round, this time purple, mixed more or less with green umber. A lot of linseed oil… Back and forth and then back and forth again…

These three steps within about three hours.

Tomorrow I will continue, but I don’t know how.

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