Smile, it is just an elephant

Two days ago I had a studio visit by about 25 people from an art association from the hospital in Helsingborg. Very nice!

I have continued with the last smiling lady…

This one is the continuation of the green/blue/purple piece on glass. I painted the white with a lot of oil-paint and the light blue also. Then I cut another piece of glass and simply pressed it on the painted surface, squeezing the paint between the two glass panes. I wonder if and when the paint will dry?

A close-up of the squeezed paint.


Yesterday I saw a picture of an elephant and immediately decided to make a painting of it. I have no idea why, I just liked the picture and thought it would be fun. I decided to make it a large painting so I can place it outside, in the yard, so it can be seen from the road. The painting I have there now has been there for several years and needs to be replaced. I will make the switch in time for Easter.

The humble beginning. The painting is 244 x 180 cm, divided in two sections. It was harder than expected, but at least it does not look like a gorilla. I am curious about what I will do next…

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