6 August, 2010

Slow process in the studio right now. Yesterday I visited Louisiana and Ordrupgaard in Denmark. It is good to get some new inspiration and ideas…

Some slow progress, though. I sanded the surface of my painting and added some white.

A bit boring, so for several days I was wondering what to do. Then I finally decided to try something new.

Covered the entire painting in titanium white. Then I used a spackle and spread the paint evenly over the entire surface.

I wiped off as much white as I could. I had to go back and use clean paper towels to wipe off as much as possible.

I left some of the white paint untouched in the lower left corner. When you look at the painting from an angle, it almost looks like glare. Now it seems like the face is appearing or disappearing in fog or something. Maybe the face is being forgotten?

It is an interesting face, as it partly looks Asian. I think I will be returning to this face more than once.

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