A much needed break from the studio!

After an intense period in the studio it is so nice to just leave the art world and enjoy snow, sun and the company of two of my kids! A few days of great skiing in Wolf Creek, Colorado.Si1

Simon is demonstrating the art of aggressive carving.

Vic1Victoria is showing elegance, control and great speed. Hard to keep up with her.

Vic2The purpose of our trip was to make a back country skier out of Victoria. Success!

Vic3Great focus and control! Great Fun!

G1Daddy cruising through the forest. Great shot by Victoria.

G2Another cool shot by Victoria. Me having a great time. Shouts of joy!

Si2Simon is taking a leap of playfulness, Victoria waiting her turn.

V&GProud and happy father. Extremely pleased daughter (“best skiing ever!”). Nice shot by Simon. The wilderness of southern Colorado behind us.








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