Art Copenhagen and house project

Last Saturday a friend and I went to Art Copenhagen. As usual it is like information overflow… too much art in one place. Oddly enough it is not like visiting a large museum, maybe because each gallery may present a large variety of artists. But it is interesting to try to think about what remains after seeing so much, and I especially think of a few artists in the booth of Galleri Flach in Stockholm. One is Kristina Bength, who makes large and very good water color pictures. The other is Andreas Johansson, who makes large size collage that look like a kind of landscape photo, but then you find out that is a made up picture combined by many separate pictures… Hard to describe, check the gallery site:

Finally we are getting really close to completion at the house and I can see a possibility to get back into the studio in the not too distant future…

The house looks much better now, and most important – it is healthier! We are doing a lot of work inside also and I am cleaning up and getting rid of a lot of old stuff. Next week I will decide how to proceed with the felling of a very large birch tree and possibly a few other trees. Maybe I will give it another couple of weeks…

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