Creating is waiting

I know for sure that I can do a good job in many ways, but when it comes to painting it is totally different. I never know. Maybe that is the reason why I want to paint? It is maybe the challenge – can I do it one more time? One problem with creating and painting is that you cannot force the process, you absolutely have to learn to wait. For the paint to dry, for the creative flow, for the ideas to come. It is maybe like digging for a well, or a tunnel. You work and work and nothing happens, and it is easy to despair. But then at some point, something normally starts happening and you can see some hope materializing. I wonder why I always forget that this is what it takes…?

Like here, for example: now I have to wait for the paint to dry, probably a couple of days. I also wonder if this picture will become interesting at some point? Size 40 x 60 cm.

In the meantime I have come up with a number of great challenges, and I can probably stay busy all winter with the material I have now. Today I have been building the “canvas” for the next work. It is a large piece, 107 x 228 cm, divided in eight equally large parts.

I am really looking forward to working on this project…

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