Deeper into the face… of art history

Adding depth and character to the face that does not exist. Or does it?
Is this simply a painting practice? Not art? I really don’t know. Maybe I should start on a new version of the same face? It would, no doubt, turn out differently. I am glancing through the book Secret Knowledge by David Hockney, where he has carefully studied the old masters (Caravaggio, Rembrandt, and many others) and analyzed their works in order to find proof of them using optical techniques to enable them to paint with a touch of photo realism long before photography was invented. Then came Cezanne, Picasso, Warhol and others who changed the scene entirely. So, while I am studying art history I am also making my own practices and experiments with the purpose of learning more about myself and art history. I have had a feeling for some time, that too much technical virtuoso stands in the way of profound art experience. But then it can also bridge over to a moving and emotional “WOW” when virtuoso sort of blows your mind… makes sense? I suppose the way I look at art is just as unique and individual as I am… right now in this moment. I never care too much about what art historians and theoretical experts say when they analyze the meaning and purposes of a specific artist, but when David Hockney sits down to think, study, and test the possible techniques of the old masters I am listening, because he is a great artist and painter who knows the lonely pain and process of creating art.

Well, in my case, I want to work towards virtuoso and then just “step on it”, throw it away, in order to reach something else. Is this what Picasso did in a time when it was unheard of? Is that the true reason for his unique place in art history? I have never been a Picasso fan (yet), but in this context, I am more interested in learning about his contribution to art and humanity. There is so much to learn, so little time.hen3

Detail of the piece, a close up, much closer than the naked eye can really see. I am most pleased with the gold earring. It will take some guts to step on that detail, so I guess I have to question my own ideas and purposes. Maybe the act of stepping on my own art is to hide my lack of technical virtuoso? But in order to create a good piece of art, that courage is required. That is my simple conclusion at the moment. Basta!
Below the entire piece as it looks as I am writing this. Soon it will be different.


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