Diablo Canyon and more Desert Fun

Had a spectacular hike through Diablo Canyon, a short distance northwest of Santa Fe.diablo1

Entering Diablo Canyon. Hiking is easy in the arroyo. The volcanic basalt rocks are about 100 meters high, offering great rock climbing. Tempting!diablo2

Very interesting formations and patterns. Looks like something out of Lord of the Rings. Several groups of climbers were testing their skills this afternoon.diablo3

On the other side of the canyon the landscape opens up to vast views. In the distance Buckman Mesa and Otowi Peak. My company said this must be the antithesis of Swedish nature – we were walking in the middle of a dry river… Not a cloud in the sky! January.diablo4

Returning into the canyon as the sun is setting. A dramatic scenery, one of the most beautiful hikes I have made! Tempting to hike up to the top of the mesa.buckman1

After the hike we drove all the way down to Rio Grande. Behind the bend in the river the entire Buckman Mesa is visible. The peak to the left is Otowi Peak. I am looking forward to hike Buckman Mesa from this point in a few days, probably alone – Desert Solitaire. Better be careful. Bought a topo map today. Excited!

OK, I am working also (although my hikes are work too, collecting photos and inspiration for later projects):fun2

Finished building the sculpture and started painting it.fun3

The wooden structure is about 2,4 meters high (8 ft).fun4

I managed to paint the back before sunset – it quickly gets pretty cold. Have to decide on colors for the sides (probably red and yellow ochre – some of the oldest pigments used by prehistoric artists), more tomorrow. The color I used on the back is a really beautiful dark brown called Asphaltum (by Gamblin)! Have to buy some tubes and bring with me when I return to Sweden.

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