Eight Variations

I have now finished and signed (on the back) eight Variations. Each piece is painted on a 12 mm thick plywood board, 20 x 15 cm. The sides are cut at a 15 degree angle. As always with my art it is almost impossible to take photos that show the play between matte and glossy surfaces, the texture of the wood grain, the brush strokes, etcetera, but with this light I was able to at least show some of the “unique-ness” about each piece. To me each brush stroke and each grain of wood is like a finger print, unique and impossible to duplicate. Just like we are as individuals, each and every moment. More about that later. (I am working on a pretty cool project right now.)vari8 vari7 vari6 vari5 vari4 vari3 vari2 vari1

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