Enjoyable work

As I thought before I started, I am really enjoying to work on this large painting. Last year I made a miniature painting of part of his face and now I can recognize some areas. It still does not really look like Mathias, but I am building up thin layers of paint to get some depth. Later I will explain why I have divided the “canvas” in eight same size parts.

I hope I will have the courage to keep adding thin layers of paint for a while, at least on the bright side of the face. I don’t think I will do anything more to the ear and not too much on the dark side of the face, because I want the wood grain to be clearly visible. I have to work more with and around the eyes.

I have added a layer of caput mortuum mixed with black on the right side and then wiped the entire surface with a cloth. I want to add wax on the surface, hopefully that will create more depth. Unfortunately the photos are not really true to the colors, as I have just used the studio light (fluorescent) when taking the pictures.

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