Experimenting again

I am doing stuff I have never done before…

I added two layers of dark blue, first Parisian blue, and then a thick layer of Monastral blue, with clearly visible brush strokes. A bit och Zink white also, and then tried to wipe off some yellow.

A cutout, sprayed with blue on a new plywood board, and then some varnish. I will add a few more layers of varnish. That’s it.

I re-used the same cutout and sprayed a thin layer of silver paint on the backside of a piece of glass. Then a layer of green on top of that. Then a thick layer of blue oilpaint on a new plywood board, then I stuck the glass on the freshly painted plywood board. I don’t know if this will work – it is extremely subtle – only in the right kind of light is it possible to see the face. But it is something I will continue to work with…

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