May 20, 2010 Fungus…

Currently I have to alter my work between the studio and the bathroom at home. Sounds strange? Well, a few months ago we made a not so nice discovery – we found out that we had fungus in our 100 year old house. Some years ago we came home from a trip and found water running down the inside wall in one section of the house. It had rained heavily and it turned out I had forgotten to empty the gutter from old decayed leaves… Now we have had to tear out the entire bathroom, take out all the “infected” beams, floorboards, etc. As you can imagine, our house is rather dusty. Under the floorboards there is a 10 cm layer of soil (very dry and dusty) which they used as sound and fire insulation when they built the house. But now we have treated the fungus damage and have made several essential changes so that the fungus will not have a chance to come back in this part of the house. Lucas is helping me and now we are finally building up the new bathroom again. A funny picture Lucas took of himself after working some hours, removing old tiles, mortar, dry soil, etc. He is going to do the main job and I have to force myself to stay in the background and let him do most of the work. It is fun work and it is great to work with Lucas. We have also had some great help from carpenters Mattias and Filip, and plumber Peter.As you can see in this picture of me – dusty, dusty, dusty.

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