My friend took me to a new level

Not that I am not going to go back to previous levels, but today I experienced something strange:
I did not want to paint, I was tired, had a headache, paid some bills, took care of some other work, painted a part of an outside wall that had been repaired. Had lunch, looked through a big art book.

Then I went to work, added a mix of English red, Parisian blue and some green to her hair (looks almost black), spray painted the red, added black to the background, applied my dark mix to all the dark areas of the painting (shadows, eyes), applied a mix of burnt sienna and white to the face, added a quick layer of warm yellow, scraped off some of the paint. Some cold yellow in the glare in her eyes…

Then I took a large brush and titanium white and very quickly added rough brushstrokes. I was surprised with the result and it felt like I entered a new level – like it or not – too early to say. In any case, after a strange day I am quite pleased…

I don’t know if I am done. I will wait a few days. This is a painting which I think should be viewed up close. Since it is large, 180×80 cm, you will probably want to step away from it. But when you walk up close you will be able to see the grain of the rough plywood, and you will see the oil make glossy areas and other places will be matte, where the oil has soaked in to the wood.

The same picture in smaller format.

I don’t know if anybody else will like it, but I had a very obvious experience of faster heartbeat when I had finished painting. A pretty cool feeling which I have only had a few times.

Scroll down a tiny bit and you can see the beginning… and compare with how it looks now.

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