No time to paint

This week has been very, very busy. Since we have been struggling with fungus in our house for over a year, I decided it was time to really find out what was going on and to eliminate the fungus before it ruins our great house, which will be 100 years old in two years.

We have erected scaffolding to be able to work safely.

This is what has caused the fungus… Totally rotten wood. Why was it rotten?

Lasse Rehn is cutting away the tin plate to reveal the cause of the rust and rot…

An enormous hole in the drain pipe, not very good… Amazing that our problems have not been more severe.

Still we have had to make pretty drastic meassures to eliminate the fungus. The kitchen window had to be removed and repaired. John is standing in the kitchen window while Tobbe is cutting boards to make a temporary cover for the window. With the help of great guys we will soon have this problem solved. I feel great now that I know the cause and also that the damage was not as bad as I had anticipated! I expect to be able to get back to work in the studio soon again, while my fantastic builders are doing a great job to repair the house. I am doing my best to support and serve them and be available, so I am doing other projects around the house while they are working on the fungus problem. No time to paint.

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