Not Zolo at Kafé Zolo

O’boy, I am focused right now. Can’t go to sleep at night because I am thinking about how to fix this and how to do that. My boss is pushing me hard, he he.

But she also works hard.

We found that the floor was water damaged and we had to remove it. That was unexpected and created a lot of extra work. Luckily we have NordSkiffer around the corner, with our friends Björn and Tulsa! Björn suggested a grey slate with a touch of green in it. Two kinds of the same slate – one is polished, the other not. That made it possible to make this checkerboard pattern.

A lot of work now, but it is going to look fantastic. Another great thing is that both Andrea and Victoria have learned a lot. Victoria asked me yesterday “daddy, how come you know how to do so many things?” Well, now I can ask her “Victoria, how come you know how to lay a slate floor?”

Victoria has done a fantastic job, works long days and is happy and pleased with the result of her work. That is how it should be!

Tomorrow we will do the grouting and on Monday we will be able to move the fridges/freezers and some furniture back in their places. We will also have to build the dishwashing module, which will be located where Victoria is happily pounding the slate tiles in place. Maybe we will be done by Wednesday…

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