Ojo Caliente with Sammie, exercise…

It is demanding to have a dog. I had to give Sammie a good workout (I probably needed one too) so we drove north to Ojo Caliente and I rode my bike up a rough jeep trail to a peak with a good view, past some old mines. Sammie did really well.ojo1

At the end of the trail, time for a quick lunch break. Just a few degrees above freezing, some wind, sweaty from the ride, it got cold quickly.ojo2

One more selfie, of course…ojo3

It was great fun going with Sammie. She stays close all the time, but on the way down she shot off like a lightning bolt and let me ride fast. She got a terrific workout and was very calm and content all afternoon, evening and night!db1

Back home, time to work. Started a small Pocket Art piece of a friend. Found a plywood piece with nice texture. Will see if I can keep that visible during my struggle to find the eye.fun10

Another piece for the sculpture.fun11

On my bike ride in the desert above Ojo Caliente I found this old shovel high up on the mountain. Maybe it has been used by the miners? The rusty surface has a beautiful range of colors. I hung it on the front of the sculpture.fun12
This morning I woke up to a changed scenery! 3 to 4 inches of snow and more is coming down.

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