Rust and mold

My poor blog is rusty. I have been in Stockholm, visiting galleries, etc. My new art catalogue works fine.

Finally I was back in the studio today. I experienced moments of excitement and joy and happiness for being able to paint again. I have been avoiding my new project for a few days, it is always scary to start working at the easel when I have been away for a while. Anyways, this is the start of my latest undertaking.

Why am I painting Gandhi? Well, my friend Rashmi suggested I paint some famous people. I was hesitant, but decided to at least give it a try.

One reason why my blog has not been updated very much is because the café has taken a lot of time, but now it is open and my ambitious wife is working like crazy to make all guests happy. Victoria is a great help and is learning to make great coffee. And it turns out to be a great gallery for my art. Pontus Ikander also has a painting on the wall.

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