Shepard Fairey in Copenhagen

Friday night V1 Gallery in the Copenhagen meatpacking area opened their Shepard Fairey exhibit. I went there and was a bit surprised to find the relatively small gallery filled to the absolute max with Shepard’s works. I was even more surprised to find that the price list was printed with red dots on all but two or three pieces! We got there two hours after the opening – had the price list been re-printed shortly before we got there, or were they simply showing works which were already sold, or had they had some VIP viewing before the show opened? In any case, it gave me a sour taste in my mouth…

In November 2008 Andrea and I visited Irvine Contemporary, a gallery in Washington D.C. where the original Obama portrait by Shepard Fairey was being shown, along with several other works. I had just briefly before that visit become aware of his work and was rather impressed. After several weeks of hesitation, we decided to buy an original piece, Peace Bomber – one that has been used in many variations as prints on paper, metal, fabric, etc. When seeing the works on display at V1 Gallery it was clear that our Peace Bomber is very nice and it has probably trippled in value, or even more.

Check this link for pictures from Opening.

I used the occasion to place a few faces in Ködbyen…

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