“Street Art” in Ladonia

In the beginning of May 2010 I hauled my large portrait of Lars Vilks all the way down to Nimis, the wooden sculpture project which Lars Vilks has worked on for 30 years. He never asked for approval to build his sculptures in the Kullaberg nature reserve, and as a consequence, I did not ask him if I was “allowed” to attach the portrait to his work. A few weeks later my phone rang and it was Lars, who had seen the painting and was very pleased to have it there. As I have passed Ladonia and Nimis in my kayak since then I have been able to monitor if the painting was still in place.

Pictures from 2 May 2010.

So, around Easter time this year, I went down to Nimis with a friend and found that the painting was still there, but it looked very weather beaten. I also found that the frame had been removed, and I assumed Lars Vilks had needed some more wood for his work…

Yesterday I met Lars in Arild, and I asked him about the painting. He told me the painting had gone missing during the winter, but it had soon been found lying on the ice close to  shore. Apparently someone had ripped it down and thrown it into the sea, wanting it to dissappear. He but it back and wrote about the incident on his blog. The painting has vivid signs of wear and tear…

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