Tags, bad weather & Ewerdt Hilgemann

The weather has stopped me from painting for a few days. Right now very strong winds are approaching and more rain. I inspected the “wall” today and it is still standing and a few additions have been made, which could be expected.

I seriously hope there will be more artistic contributions later.

Fult means ugly in Swedish. Somebody is not happy. Just wait. Tomorrow the weather will probably allow me to paint again, if the plywood wall makes it in near gale winds this afternoon…

More bad weather approaching.

Yesterday I witnessed an implosion of an art piece made by the German / Dutch artist Ewerdt Hilgemann. More of his works can currently be seen at Galleri Mårtenson & Persson at Påarp (between Båstad and Torekov).

The finished result after half an hour of sucking out the air…

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