Taking great risks in the studio…

I have spent the past few days re-arranging the studio and experimenting with abstract work, etc. I have felt a great need to take new steps. The big question I keep coming back to is What do I really want? Do I want to get a big and fancy gallery to pick me up and market me? I am becoming increasingly uninterested in that. I am afraid I would be forced to limit my work and there would be expectations to produce “more of the same”. Lately I have felt an insecurity in being too diverse in the sizes and the pictures I make. But at the same time I am consistently using the wooden structures in my work. This has led me on to experiment more with the material. I will show some results soon.

Here is what I did to Two Strike:

I closed my eyes and went wild. If you don’t like it, too bad. It is too late. It is too late for Two Strike and his people also. I have named this painting Two Strike Up Close, but it could have been named It Is Too Late For Two Strike. I will probably change the name.

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