Two Happy Brothers, one beaming father, and one confused artist

If you don’t risk making a fool of yourself, you will never make a fool of yourself… Well, I said I am confused. Often I feel very unsure of what I am doing while I am doing it. It often takes a while for me to accept my own work. Why is that? Is it the perfectionist in me? Or just plain fear of failure, of not being good enough?

This time I have gone far out. Call it playfulness or whatever… I have done it, can’t change that. I hope kids will like it anyway. If kids like my work, I am really pleased. I think they are often the best art critics – honest and straight-forward.

The size of the piece, including frame, is 58 x 82 cm. I have dripped spraypaint on glass, which I have mounted with 1 cm distance to the painting. The drops of paint create shadows on the painting and when the light changes, the shadows shift position.

Detail showing the shadows. When you look at the painting from a close distance, you can clearly see the wood texture. As usual with my work, it is a painting you need to see in real. I hope Erik W will like it…

Another picture taken in hard light (halogen spotlight).

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