What is perfect, what is right?

How is a piece of art judged? By the artist? By the art world? When is a piece of art a masterwork? A piece of crap? When am I satisfied with my own work? Very difficult questions. I am not looking for perfection, but for a perfect feeling. tinyhead10

Worked late last night. Added quite a bit of white and some red. It is slowly getting there. Something is not right. I can see flaws that I am ok with, that I am not going to adjust, but I can also see some areas I want to return to. In this time of fast technical advancement, with 3D printers, drones for everyone, youtube, photoshop, and so on, it is comforting and satisfying to practice the art of painting, because it has always been the “same” (and a unique) challenge and always will.

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