Where is Ai Weiwei?

Does anybody know?

I finished the painting and added the question in Punk Pink.

Oil and spray paint on plywood, 90 x 90 cm.

I am thinking about returning to my street art project and placing this piece in a public place somewhere. We will see what I can come up with…

I bought a book about Ai Weiwei at Louisiana in Denmark last week. Let me quote: “In Ai Weiwei’s view it is impossible to have ‘a real civil society, a democratic society, unless people take responsibility’.” When schools collapse too easily in Chinese earthquakes, or when nuclear plants blow up as a result of tsunamis, etc. the apology “So Sorry” is expressed by governments, industries, and financial corporations in an effort to make up for wrongdoings and tragedies – though often without shouldering the consequences or taking any meaningful responsibility. It is easy to say “So Sorry”, but what does it mean to take responsibility? I once heard a man say we need to “Slow Down”… Maybe Less is More?

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