Wood, glass, spraypaint, oilpaint, & sticky fingers

I have been creative, doing new things again. Having fun! Check this.

Handpainted with oil on plywood. Splashed some orange spraypaint.

Blue spraypaint on unpainted plywood. Three layers of varnish.

Oil on plywood, some varnish, several layers of spraypaint, final layer of white oilpaint.

Red spraypaint, then a thin coat of yellow on the backside of glass. Black oil on a plywood board behind the glass, framed with black wood frame.

Blue spraypaint, a thin layer of yellow, some touches of varnish, red spraypaint, on glass. Unfinished. Needs a frame, or a lightbox?

Green spraypaint, blue oilpaint, purple spraypaint, on glass. Unfinished….

All in the spirit of Andy Warhol, but in my way.

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