A little side project

A break from the still life paintings, it was fun doing this. 48 x 48 cm, oil on birch plywood. Don’t know what to call it… maybe Did I Marry the Right One?


Still Life No. 6

Another done finished in the series. This might be named Bite the Bullet.


Cultural appropriation?

The topic of cultural appropriation is a very complicated one. Here in Southwest USA it is especially difficult to know what is correct. Native Americans are selling their art to make a living and tourists and locals buy their jewelry, etc. and are wearing it… isn’t that borderline? I have been inspired by faces and have used some from Edward Curtis’ photos, but I feel hesitant about doing that. So I have studied some viking art instead. I was born in Norway, my dad grew up just miles from where they found a huge viking ship with lots of treasures, believed to have been a burial site for an important woman. A lot of viking art is amazing; very intricate patterns, images and text. Some of their artists (carvers, etc.) were extremely skilled! I have allowed that art to inspire this painting. It is 27 x 92,5 cm, oil and gold leaf on plywood. I am not sure it is completely done yet and it needs a thin frame. And a title, maybe Woman from where¬†East and West meet…?


Still life No. 5

And this one should be called “A cup of coffee with sliders, please!”.


Still life continued… and distracted

Another piece in the series of still life paintings.


And here is the reason for my slow progress: Gunny, an amazing reining horse, that I got the opportunity to buy a few days ago. Here I am teaching her to back up.gunny1