Finally finished

I have been busy with a lot of stuff – family matters and working on other pieces. Yesterday I finally completed the elegant frame around the Lamb painting. Garry had a little lamb, oil on plywood, 111 x 120 cm.


A landscape well known (at least here)

Our beloved Kullaberg has probably been depicted countless times, but this is another first for me. I don’t consider myself a landscape painter, but our lovely daughter and her marine biologist beau needed a new painting, so I made this for them. The view is from his home in Lerhamn, just south of Kullaberg. The work is 30 x 160 cm. Oil on plywood and three layers of high gloss varnish.


Another “I have never done this before”

Never before have I painted a small figure like this. The painting is only 28 x 20 cm. I have painted rather quickly… it was fun. The girl is my mom’s mother as a young girl, while she still had two arms. The frame is made of plywood strips (what else?), painted Van Dyke Brown and varnished, 31,5 x 34 cm.


Still life practices

Today I have had some fun practicing with some still life painting on plywood. No ambition to make art pieces, just letting the paint flow and build up layers. still1

And the large painting has been installed.whitesand8

Fine tunings and considerations

A painting involves an almost endless chain of decisions, some are self-evident in their nature (where to start and end a brush stroke, etc.), others are more deliberate and calculated. Now I am at a point where I am sitting down, spending time to just look. I am letting thoughts sink in, testing ideas in my mind, letting them mature. In a few days I will continue.whitesand7

Lots of blue

I have consumed a lot of blue. Some white remains to be added.whitesand5


Big project, large painting

For some time I have been planning a new large painting to be in our main room. The old painting has been on display since 2011! About time to offer something new at the next Studio Tour in March 2018. The old painting will be “re-built”, more about that later.Apotekaren177x317

Follow the project I am working on here:whitesand1





After a few days of painting, taking breaks, cleansing my eyes, adjusting, leaving, returning, pondering, touching up… the big question is if the young man in the painting can recognize himself? Will he feel confident with the work or will he detest it? What will his mother say? The piece is fairly large (130 x 81 cm) and the price is fairly low. What the heck, I have enjoyed it!goldlogo9