Still life No. 5

And this one should be called “A cup of coffee with sliders, please!”.


Still life continued… and distracted

Another piece in the series of still life paintings.


And here is the reason for my slow progress: Gunny, an amazing reining horse, that I got the opportunity to buy a few days ago. Here I am teaching her to back up.gunny1

Slow progress on still life paintings

I am currently working on still life painting number four. Three have been completed, with gilding of the edges and backsides painted black, etc.  It is actually quite a bit of work with the backside and edges too. They will all be the same size, 12 x 25 cm. Not sure how many I will make. here are two.



Still life

The still life paintings I made last year all sold during the studio tour, so I figured I’d make a series, as it is rather pleasant to make them! This is one of the first I am working on. Small format, 12 x 25 cm, oil on plywood.



Another small two sided piece. This one is called LOL.



Another one

Another protruding art piece, this one smaller – it is 14 x 11 cm, oil on plywood. This is Tony’s cloud.



A protruding art piece

The first of a series of pieces that are painted on both sides of a 27 mm thick plywood board. The board does not have any visible grain, so I am using the material in a different way. The title of this one is Uma’s Cloud and it is 30 x 21 cm.



Two more coast images

Two new paintings of the coast. These are 20 x 28 cm. Oil and varnish on plywood. The one below is called Treacherous Coast.