Certainly slow…

This is going to be a long term project, I can tell for sure. I am going to consider it a practice piece to try slightly new (for me) methods of building up layers and texture. And I will soon have to abandon it for a while.


Multi purpose art

One good thing about my art, as I have pointed out to numerous people, is that if you get tired of it you can make a fire and burn it and it will give you some warmth and coziness – for a while, at least. You can also use it as a ceremony to purge feelings, thoughts, memories… sometimes in life you just have to let certain things go…


Slow progress

I have to force myself with this painting… maybe I would rather ride? But at some point it is going to be fun, and at some time in the future I will look back at this process with the desire to do it again. I know, it is pretty much the same every time.


Early stages of a strange painting

Some people write books and I paint stories. This odd family portrait is telling strange tales. The format is 80 x 120 cm. Lots of work remains.


A few more Arild landscapes

I have been working on a three more Arild coastal paintings. These are getting close. Now am starting a new, larger and much more ambitious piece. More about that later.


Three new pieces

Two small Arild paintings are done. They are both 12 x 20 cm. In this one I have used silver leaf to create some glare in the water. Not really visible in this photo, but you can get a hint of it as you move about the painting.




The painting below now has some gold leaf both on the front as well as the back. The gold on the back is an experiment. The shadow has the most subtle hint of gold color. I guess you will mostly notice it when you hang the painting, ha ha. But why not? This piece is 48 x 48 cm, oil on birch plywood.


Fine tuning… and fine tuning again

Sanded the entire painting with fine sandpaper. Then several very subtle layers of carefully worked paint. Finally I am starting to like it. I am going to do some cool stuff on the back side of the painting.


Another challenge

I have been working on this painting for a while. It turned out to be more difficult than expected… just because…
Oil on plywood, 48 x 48 cm. It is not quite finished. Something else is needed. Not sure what. Don’t know who the person is, it is not the main thing. Cover half the face – on one side she looks friendly, almost smiling, and on the other side she looks almost sad.


Paintings from home

Where is home? I don’t know anymore? Is it the Stockholm area where I grew up and probably have spent most of my time, or is it the area around Arild in the south of Sweden… or is it Santa Fe, New Mexico and the Southwest? Well, Stockholm is definitely not “home” anymore, and Santa Fe is become more and more “home” each day. But a big part of my heart is still in and around Arild, where my parents live and our children grew up and where we have spent so many wonderful years. So I am continuing to paint images of the coast. I am doing very simplified paintings, it is what appeals to me. These are new:


Morning light, 25 x 58 cm, oil on plywood.


Untitled, 18 x 44 cm, oil on plywood

A couple of new line paintings

It is nice to work on my line paintings now and then. These are on birch plywood, made with graphite, oil and acrylic paints, 48 x 48 cm.