Another new piece

This little painting is called Donald Trump is coming for dinner tonight. The size of the piece is 12 x 20 cm. Oil on plywood.


The way you look…

… when cutting off somebody’s head. A pastiche on Caravaggio. One of the most recent works for the ongoing show in Båstad. It is small, 12 x 20 cm.


The Great Emptiness Between Now and Then

My most recent painting, currently on view at the Library Gallery in Båstad is a landscape painting called The Great Emptiness Between Now and Then and it is 27,2 x 138 cm, a format that is really difficult to view properly on a computer. It is oil and varnish (polyurethane) on plywood.


Can I live without success?

In preparing for my exhibition at the library gallery in Båstad, I asked myself this question. I even named one of my little pieces this, see below. In every part of what I do, I try to give of my very best, as I did this time too. I made some new works and I tried to present a range of work I am pleased with. The opening was on the first real summer day of the season, the local papers had not done what was expected of them and most people had other things to do, but a group of people came, most of them quite a bit older that Andrea and me. Those who came were enthusiastic, interested and I felt I was able to give them a pleasant experience. But nobody bought anything. “Good luck” some said as they were leaving. It is hard to put food on the table with “good luck”. So what is success? Maybe the main success is what I can learn through all these experiences, these meetings with people, all the lonely times in the studio or elsewhere, when these questions are pressing on?success?

No rest, new show soon!

On Saturday May 6 my show at the Library Gallery in Båstad opens. I am working on some new pieces and preparing everything. This poster was made by Båstad Bjäre Konstförening.

Gordon Skalleberg.cdr

Studio Tour finished… puh!

After ten days of intense interaction with over 2300 visitors both Andrea and I are tired. But also pleased with the response, which has been overwhelming! So many smiles, so many friendly people, so many expressions of praise and excitement, from both young and old. Meanwhile there have been around 1000 visits to this website. My price-overview will stay on-line (below) and we will always open the door to visitors even after the studio tour. Many have said ” we will go home and think about buying…”. Selling is important, it is hard to put food on the table with just “good luck”, but it feels very meaningful to give inspiration, joy and energy to so many people. My steel pieces have been very popular and I have sold a bunch, but I am really most pleased when people like and even buy my paintings!


Getting ready for Konstrundan

Busy and fun days preparing for Konstrundan! The entrance now has a “modestly” sized painting. It is 3 x 3,6 meters. It was painted in 2014 and was displayed outside a gallery in the south of Sweden. It has been seen by a lot of people on commuter trains passing daily. The title is Precious.Konstrundan1-2017

Spirits of the Stone

The Rock Art book is here! The book project that both Andrea and I have been helping our friends Garry and Ming Adams with was delivered from the printer today. Now they are packing all 3000 books and getting the shipment ready to cross the Atlantic and then all the way to Cortez, Colorado. The book looks great, is an extensive collection of photos of Rock Art from mainly the south of Utah.SpiritsOfTheStone1SpiritsOfTheStone2

About 30 pieces to take back to Konstrundan

I have been working on many smaller pieces this winter and I will be able to bring at least 30 pieces to Sweden for the Studio Tour at Easter.


I also have a number of new pieces I will not be able to bring. This one is called Those Were The Golden Days and is 50 x 10 x 10 cm, oil and polyurethane on plywood, with a base made of painted concrete.