Fine tuning

Today I saw a documentary on Rembrant and it gave me a lot of inspiration. So I have made a bunch of improvements and changes. And I think I have decided to simply call the piece “Girl with red finger nail”. Still some work to do and then I need to do some “framing”… more about that later. This photo taken with photo studio lights so the colors are more correct, at least on my screen.


A tricky commission

My sister-in-law sent a poor picture with a clear message: “I need a painting of this on plywood”. When I started I was seriously doubting if I would be able to pull it off, but when my brother received his painting, everyone, including him, immediately knew it was him in the painting, so I guess I did pull it off. The piece has a two-sided “frame” made of partially stripped THHN wires and I call the work “Super Charged” because that is what my brother is! He has seemingly endless stores of energy and everything he does is done “all out”. Size 70 x 69 cm.


Making progress

The result of today’s work. The photo taken with the regular studio light. I need to take better photos when I am getting closer to being done.


Patience required

Another day, more paint added. More to go, be patient.


Adding strange layers

The first day of 2017, lots of social stuff, but a nice quiet evening to paint, while listening to great piano music by Edward Grieg. I need to listen to classical music while working on this piece. I have added thin, transparent layers of magenta and cobalt blue.


Happy New Year

It is New Years Eve and I’ve been working on a piece I started a few days ago. It is a triptych (so I can fit it in my suitcase), 58 x 72 cm. My intension is to keep working on it for a while. I am inspired by the old paintings which were done with the primary colors and I am thinking of doing a contemporary twist… will see what happens.


Working desperately and furiously

Why did I build the studio? Despair. Pushing hard to find openings, things I can believe in, that I can enjoy working on… well, enjoy is a big word, it is always a hard struggle for me. I worked on the small landscape paintings and decided to make a little fun art project – I have sent several as post cards to friends. I call them Post Art. Will be interesting to see how they look when they arrive at their different destinations, some are overseas.


Today I also finished a piece I have been working on for a while. Untitled for now. Oil and varnish on plywood with concrete base, 50 x 10 x 10 cm.


The back looks like this.


Small landscape paintings

For some time I have wanted to practice landscape painting, which has not really been my cup of tea. So now I am doing it, in small format, almost postcard size – 12 x 20 cm. It is pretty frustrating, because I think they are boring. But I will press on and try a little harder.


Steel art in Arizona

Some really cool shots of my steel sculpture. This one is in Cave Creek, Arizona.



Christmas break is over

I am back in the studio after a very nice visit by my parents. We have fully concentrated on being tour guides in Santa Fe, up to the Canyon of the Ancients Guest Ranch in McElmo Canyon and back south through Monument Valley to Cave Creek just north of Phoenix, Arizona, where my brother and his family have a house. It has indeed been a good time, but now it is time to get really busy in the studio.

I am working on some small landscape studies. Not ready to show them, but a while ago I made a new sculpture-painting with a concrete base. Don’t really know what to call it yet. It is 50 x 10 x 10 cm.