Paintings for map

I have made two alternative paintings for the Konstrundan 2018 map. I have yet to decide which one to use. They are both 46 x 36,5 cm. I need to come up with appropriate titles.Pioneerwoman2



Clouds and studio

On the way home last week, Abiquiu Lake during a break in the storm. Man, it can rain in the desert…


And a couple of days ago, the way the studio looks outside now.


Cowboy-ing and then painting again

I have been away in cowboy country, been working as a carpenter, waiter, etc. and then branding calves and stuff… learned not to go for the hind legs – they kick! My thumb is probably sprained, healing slowly, but I am able to hold a brush reasonably well. So I am making a painting that will be my picture in the map overview for next year’s Konstrundan. Not sure about title yet, format 46 x36 cm, oil and mixed media on plywood.


The lighthouse at Kullaberg

A very dull and difficult view of Kullaberg, very hard for me (anyways) to do something with it. Hasse is out with his traditional small fishing boat, two porpoises are surfacing briefly, the beam from the legendary lighthouse is NOT on during the day… that is just because of the famous artistic freedom, ha ha. Just another landscape exercise. The tiny white lighthouse close to the water my dad designed in the sixties! The piece is 19 x 58 cm and will receive a few layers of varnish.


Another Arild painting

Aren’t sunsets the cheesiest stuff you can paint? Sorry!
The size is 25 x 58 cm, oil on plywood. Fits in my luggage.


Cut out

Many hours later… I am making a sign to put up on our gate.


10 000 hours

According to Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers it takes 10 000 hours of practice to become really good at anything. Talent or high IQ is of lesser importance that just plain grit, patience, endurance. I find that inspiring, because it means “I can do it” if I just keep at it. So now I am working hard, doing works that may not be art, but exercises that can lead to something. These four little pieces are from Arild. The coastal paintings are my main focus, the one of the fields was just a little insignificant test, maybe to prove that I am not a landscape painter (yet). Each piece is 12 x 20 cm, oil on plywood.





More coastal paintings

This is the latest of my coastal paintings. This is a well known profile for all who live in Arild in Sweden. The piece is 20 x 53 cm. Oil on plywood.


The Last Sunset

The latest completed painting is called The Last Sunset, oil and varnish on plywood, 30 x 138 cm.


Finally finished

I have been busy with a lot of stuff – family matters and working on other pieces. Yesterday I finally completed the elegant frame around the Lamb painting. Garry had a little lamb, oil on plywood, 111 x 120 cm.