19 July, 2010

I have been painting some again. While I am waiting for visitors I am working. It is not ideal, as I am occasionally interrupted, but it is equally hard to work when I am wondering if somebody will come. It is a lot easier to work days when I am not open for visitors.

Now I have come this far. I wonder if I am finished? Not sure. As you can see I have been lucky with the grain under the eye and around the nose. You can go to the post from 6 July to see the first steps.

16 July, 2010 – Summer Exhibition

Yesterday we had a very successful opening of the Summer Exhibition at Villa Holsby. In spite of nice weather a lot of people came, much more visitors than expected. It was a great reward after days of hard work to get everything ready!

This time I shared the space with four other artists.

Pontus Ikander, street artist, made a large painting during the day, finishing it as the first guests came. Check his Myspace site: www.myspace.com/p_ontus

Matthias van Arkel exhibited some of his fascinating silicone rubber works and a few prints. For more, check his website: www.matthiasvanarkel.com.

Jacob Felländer exhibited  two very large photos of New York – a cool contrast to the country landscape around Villa Holsby. Check www.jacobfellander.com.

Last, but not least, architect Alex van de Beld had built a brick wall inside the window in one of the rooms, and together with his colleagues, he displayed three small models of fascinating house ideas for this region.

All visitors were very positive, we all received great feedback. I am very grateful to my colleagues, who wanted to contribute to this event. The exhibition continues until the middle or end of August.

6 July, 2010

I am spending a lot of time in the studio again. Now I am preparing for the summer exhibition. It will start on Thursday 15 July and will probably go on until the end of August. I will be joined by three other artists and one architect/artist. More about them soon…

But I am also painting some…

I expect that this painting will require quite a few layers. These two steps were done very quickly, based on  thin pencil outlines.

1 July, 2010

Finally back in the studio. Have workedmore on portrait-half right side…

And the left side has received three layers of varnish – hard to convey the effect in a photo. Both paintings have to be seen in real, as with all my work, as with probably all fine art.

If you place them side by side it looks like this.

Probably more interesting like this…

29 June, 2010

It has been a very busy time with preparations for the celebration of our 25 year anniversary and my birthday. We were lucky with the weather and had very nice guests.

Julien Matei played for us.

Andrea gives a welcome speach.

About 50 adults and 20 so called children were enjoying the beautiful weather and Andrea’s excellent food.

A 4,8 meter wide board was painted during the evening.

Victoria and I had built the tables…

Each table was a section of a large painting. No table cloth needed.

19 June, 2010

Yesterday, 18 June, Andrea and I had our 25 year anniversary! I spent a good part of the day in the studio, working on a portrait in two parts. This is the first part I worked on a few days ago.

80 x 40 cm. A careful start to find the face.

After some hours. An almost photographic image that felt more like an illustration than a piece of art? I felt quite miserable in the process – the feeling “I can’t paint anymore” that hits me now and then, and which is a good feeling, because it makes me try harder. I will start on the other half of the face and do it very differently, and then go back to this painting and see what I can do. Maybe several layers of varnish will help create some action – some disturbing glare…?

17 June, 2010

The bathroom is almost done. Lucas has done a fantastic job, check this out!

14 June, 2010

Activities in the studio have been unusual. We have celebrated Victoria’s graduation. Andrea made a fantastic buffet, her kind of art, and we set up a long table in the studio. Instead of a table cloth we had brown paper and a lot of color pens.

Now we are coming close to finishing the bathroom. The floor is done, mirrors are there. We are now waiting for the glass walls for the shower. While we are waiting there are a number of things to do…

10 June, 2010

Another long day…
Several steps forward, but still a lot left to do. Now toilet, sink, and water connected.

Tomorrow morning the larger mirrors are coming up, hope we don’t break them. Lucas will do the mosaic on the floor in the shower also.

A big portion of the day was spent preparing for the graduation reception for Victoria tomorrow.

9 June, 2010

It has been a long day, entirely spent in the bathroom. A lot of things were done and the most evident accomplishment was the slate floor. A polished slate called Riverstone, 30×60 cm pieces – a lot easier to lay than mosaic. The shower will have mosaic on the floor also. Tomorrow night we will be able to use the bathroom, except take showers.